Sewage Treatment Plant

Side Stream Filter

We hold expertise in meeting the designing and construction plant demands of sewage treatment. These find application in Sewage Treatment Plants, Conventional Sewage Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plant, Package STP, Compact STP and others.


Some of the synonyms our products are also known by include:

- Package Sewage Treatment Plant
- Compact Sewage Treatment Plant
- Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant
- Underground Sewage Treatment Plant


Shubham is the leading Indian water and wastewater Treatment Company providing the most comprehensive water and waste water treatment systems and services for industrial, institutional and municipal customers.

We Shubham India Provides Solution For Followings:

Sewage Treatment Plant, Package Sewage Treatment Plant, Prefabricated STP, Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant, Underground STP, Wastewater Treatment Plant,Side Stream Sand Filter,Pressure Sand Filter,Dual Media Filter,Swimming Pool Sand Filter,Activated Carbon Filter,Granular Activated Carbon,Gravel Filter,Pressure Filter,Multigrade Sand Filter,Waste Water Treatment Plant

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